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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Trend Report: Teens, Cellphones and Digital Signage Convergence

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Today’s teenagers are accustomed to an interactive experience. They have grown up with TiVo®, the internet, and the cellphone. Nearly everything they use has been customizable and community-based. Traditional, image-based advertising just doesn’t cut it for this group.

So why haven’t more retailers taken advantage of digital signage to market to this attractive consumer population? Digital signage can easily provide an opportunity to implement interactive that appeals to cellphone-savvy consumers (such as teens). Moreover, there would be little media-based cost in implementation, as consumers already have cellphones, and you possess the digital signage! To see more on cellphone and digital signage convergence, see the article generously provided by Enqii.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Mike DiFranza assures that the OVAB will not miss a beat.

You can take that statement to the bank.....the OVAB seems to be growing quickly and it is great that the board members and members....well to see the heavy hitters involved....I truly admire Captivate-even with the proper funding they have done a wonderful job-and I assure you it was/is not easy-rewarding-I bet ya!

Norris Steps down as OVAB president/CEO after nine months on the job.

Norris is leaving to become senior vp-strategy and business development/digital marketing and commerce at Cablevision, writes MediaPost.

The association will not miss a beat as far as execution of plans, Mike DiFranza, president-general manager of Captivate Network and chairman of OVAB says.

Suzanne Alecia, president, advertising sales at The Hotel Networks - a founding member of OVAB - will be the new president/CEO.

OVAB recently announced that Arbitron has become a member, and DiFranza says another announcement on new members will be coming soon.
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wallspace Effect-the New Billboard Channel

Marketers Turn Vacant Storefronts In Mall Into Ad Venues

Full article composed by Sarah Mahoney at Media Post's Marketing Daily.

The economy has been especially punishing for retailers, with such chains as The Sharper Image and Levitz filing for bankruptcy, others like Linens 'n' Things teetering on the edge, and dozens more -- including Zales, Ann Taylor, and Talbots...

In the first quarter of this year, the International Council of Shopping Centers says that of the 28 retail chains it tracks, there have been 2,122 store closings, with 38% in apparel, followed by 30% in home entertainment.

So WindowGain, a start-up based in Newton, Mass., has pounced on store vacancies as a new ad medium, with five displays currently running in Boston and eight in the UK. "We have our in-house staff securing high-traffic and high-demographic locations," says COO Prem Hira and then selling the ads to marketers, typically in four-week flights. But given the softness in retailing, "we also offer incentives for longer-term contracts. To date, our longest campaign is 16 months."
The business model is like any other out-of-home advertising company, he says. "We sell advertising time on our digital displays, and we compensate the real estate owners with a fixed monthly fee or a revenue share."
"We all know that traditional advertising is shrinking, and that alternative - including digital and out-of-home-advertising is growing," says Marc Feldman, VP/new business development at Developers Diversified Realty (DDR), a Beachwood, Ohio-based commercial real-estate company that has just entered an agreement to bring window displays to about 75 properties in the next 15 months. "Companies need to reach people where they are. People are spending more and more time at the mall, and our traffic numbers show that," he says. "So this is an innovative way to reach them. When people look in windows, they expect to see things."
Feldman says the technology is especially appealing for marketers with creative that has plenty of movement. "It looks really great when you see fish swimming or balls bouncing," he says. Boston sites have featured sea monsters (from the New England Aquarium), twirling cell phones (Verizon) and even windows (the Museum of Fine Arts Boston recently had an Edward Hopper exhibit, and its display used a moving version of what may be the most famous storefront art ever-the artist's 1942 "Nighthawks.") Right now, DDR, with about 740 properties throughout the U.S. and internationally, is rolling new ads out in its Atlanta properties.

"Ground-floor digital displays are ideal for just about any brand that wants to reach people on the go," adds Hira. Benefits specific to digital displays include real-time information. For example, the spots actually pull news, weather, etc. from the web site.
The economy's loss may well be a boon for companies like WindowGain. The International Council of Shopping Centers predicts that store closings may total 6,500 for 2008, or about 1% of existing stores, which would be the highest since 2001.

Windowgain has a solid foundation and I expect that they will continue to do very well. Reaching the consumer on the move-window shopping-driving by-that is the goal and a smart target to focus on for advertisers.........I do want to mention that I first heard of this company at Digital Signage News Blog

Windowgain to view the entire story.

Friday, April 11, 2008

This post is borrowed from the The Digital Signage Forum Wordpress Blog which has great content and continues to educate me on the latest in the industry.......I have not posted in sometime-well I suppose that life. So for the few that read my blog, I truly appreciate it and look forward to posting more often....Dave

Is this on your Digital Signage Mind?

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The economic challenges we face are now forcing companies to rethink their
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more thorough analysis is being done on every opportunity, weighing the
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Attend this presentation and understand:

How to plan for economic challenges that may lie ahead
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Hear from C-level executives who are in the midst of navigating these
Robert Fort, CIO, VP of Information Technology, Virgin Entertainment Group
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Digital OOH Forum-4/23/2008 NYC

Out-of-home digital advertising networks – which can deliver advertising in stores, movies theatres, office buildings, doctor's offices and malls – are powerful new marketing and advertising communications channels that are quickly being added to the media mix.

MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home Forum is designed to help marketing executives understand the rapidly changing market dynamics and potential of out-of-home digital advertising. The program will focus on strategies and tactics marketers and agencies can use to deploy these channels in their upcoming plans, and identify the best sources of assistance so they can take action.

The Conference will examine and explore:

  • Out-of-Home Digital Advertising Networks
  • Consumer Exposure to Out-of-Home Venues
  • Acceptance of Out-of-Home Advertising
  • What to Consider When Planning, Buying, Measuring and Advertising On Out-of-Home Channels
  • Audience Metrics for Translating Out-of-Home Traffic and Viewer Impressions
  • And much more...

  • April 23, 2008
    New York City

    For details visit

    Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Cisco-Movers and Shakers

    Cisco is taking digital signage to another level of exposure-their brand as well...... (The quote below is from an article Bill Yackey wrote on Digital Signage Today.Com and hits the nail on the head.) I would like to see more of this by other companies-advertising in video games on TV, etc.....just would be interesting to see the results as well....

    While industry members know the list of “big hitters” in digital signage, Cisco’s product placement strategy and advertising plan is positioning them as one of the top dogs for digital signage in the eyes of the public.

    "Cisco is illustrating that they 'get it' in terms of the advancement of digital signage and its place in ad display spending,” said Lyle Bunn, strategy architect with Bunn Co. “Digital signage allows for better message targeting, which will increasingly be based on dynamic ad provisioning. This is the domain of enabling technologies. Internet cookies, cable TV viewing history and cognitive recognition for digital signage all have the same objectives, and each is based on technology supporting target marketing. Message targeting is becoming a back-office technology where ads are pulled from storage and displayed based on pre-set 'if-then' display rules. This is a domain of practice that Cisco understands well and will help advance aggressively."

    Cisco Homepage
    Digital Signage Today.Com

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008

    QuickPlay/Amobee Mobile Video Ad Platform Goes Mainstream

    QuickPlay/Amobee Mobile Video Ad Platform Goes Mainstream
    Vodafone mobile TV in Europe

    Mobile TV and video firm QuickPlay has partnered with Amobee, which provides mobile advertising, to launch a mobile ad platform for video.
    Similar in some ways to MoPhap and Vantrix's Ad Booster, the service provides:
    Ad serving capabilities
    Dynamic ad selection based on consumer profiles and contextual data
    Rich media buys and ad-sourcing options
    Dynamic video ad insertion in real-time
    Metrics, including ads watched and for how long
    The service was first implemented on Vodafone Italy's FreeVideo service. Amobee says Vodafone Italy's 3G users were able to freely access a plethora of "high-quality, local and branded video content" as a result.
    Come 2010, the mobile video subscriber market is expected to total 59 million worldwide. As of November '07, about 77 percent of subscribers are in the EMEA and Asia/Pacific regions.
    A recent study found consumers are willing to tolerate ads if they get free content, such as online video, in exchange.
    Full Story via VOX